Figs and Handmade Cats

Looking around WordPress and I think I will like it here. Google blogs was my previous home, but for various reasons I left. I linked to it, just to provide some back story to what I will be posting here.

Friday night was another knit-in, so fun! Karen wanted to meet a little earlier and have a pot luck, so I finished the rullepolse and it came out really well. Dad tasted it today and he thought it tasted like his mom’s. I asked him what else he might like to have for our Christmas get-together, and he said “Frugt suppe.” I have that recipe, in Mom’s church cookbook, so that will be easy.

Karla didn’t cook anything, but she brought a dish of fresh figs. She said she is trying one new thing a month, and this month was figs. It’s hard to tell if the ones we had were good, like a vine-ripened tomato in July vs. a hydroponic tomato in January, but they were interesting. Not very sweet like an apple is sweet, and I don’t think I will be rushing to have another any time soon.

We just talked, only Connie actually knitted, and it was a good time. Karen had already finished knitting her little cats, and they were pretty cute. They looked like an upside down candy corn with a striped tail, but if you have two dogs like Karen does, a stuffed cat is the kind of cat to have.

Little bit of a diary post, is all, nothing much to brood over or complain about. Maybe I’ll even post some pictures here. This isn’t really meant to be a place for people I know in real life, and that’s part of the reason I changed sites. I want to feel free to say whatever I think, whine about whatever I want, and say dumb things if I feel like it. In real life, I am the one who listens. Lots of people like that because not a lot of people do that. Listen. I am here blogging because I have nobody to listen to me. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂


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