Snow Day

Blizzard! This would be great weather for Christmas Day. Everyone snowed in, no need to go outside and shovel right away, power out, just light candles, hang out and talk and put puzzles together. Make sugar cookies and decorate them, finish wrapping gifts and text everyone you know and ask them about the storm.

The squirrel that I scold for getting into the bird feeder is huddled on a tree branch, just sitting there looking miserable. It makes me want to run out there with a bowl of sunflower seeds for him.

Andy is all excited to go outside and shovel the driveway, bless him, but the wind is still blowing and he’ll just have to do it twice. I’m not going to stop him, though.

I can sit here in the kitchen and turn on the Christmas tree with a remote control that my Dad thought I should have. It’s great. He uses his to turn on his outside lights, but since I don’t have any of those, I plugged the Christmas tree in so I don’t have to reach behind it to turn it on and off.

They called off school for today at 8 last night when the snow was just starting. I told the girls that their friends can come over but there will be no driving to pick them up. Bundle up and you can walk anywhere you want if you can find a place that’s open…hope Monique calls soon and says the library will be closed today so I won’t have to work this afternoon.

David, Andy and I drove out into the beginnings of the storm last night to see the Hobbit. We met Andy’s high school classmate Chana and her brother Christopher, and the five of us were the only ones in the theater. Chana worked as a page at the library while she was in high school, so I know her a bit. She is getting a two-year degree in Equine at the community college. She’s not sure what she’s going to do with it, but I know she’ll be just fine.

The Hobbit was great! Too bad it’s only the first part of three, and we have to wait again for the rest. It’s exactly like the Lord of the Rings, only they are covering the story in more detail. It still moves pretty fast, though. It’s been so long since I read the book, the story is almost brand new to me.

Erin’s friend Raphael is knocking on the door now…come on in, plenty of food, plenty of cookies, it’s a free day off! Let’s see what other birds make their way to the feeders today.


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