Hand Me a Hankie Please

More work updates…big hush hush staff meeting between Marilyn, Karen, and Monique yesterday. Monique came out halfway through the meeting and asked if I had time to join them, which can sometimes not be a good thing.

In this case it was a good thing. Marilyn has decided not to hire a replacement assistant director right now. She’s going to cannibalize Stephanie’s job. She’ll give a few more hours to Mustafa and James, and give Karla and I each 28 hours. She can’t up us any farther than that  unless the city chooses to offer us health care benefits, even if we choose not to use them.

My added duties would include balancing the time sheets and submitting payroll, and paying accounts receivable, along with doing more hands-on managing of library pr. It’s a job with actual responsibility! I won’t start working more hours until after Andy goes back to California in January, so that’s good. As much as I would really rather stay home and take care of the house, I’m thinking the extra money would be nice.

I think I’ll stop there. We had Christmas at Dad’s house today. Dad and Bev, Mike and Nick, all my three kids and David during various parts of the day, and Bev’s new boyfriend Bob came over, too. I’ll write more about it tomorrow, but for now, I am going to take my sniffly, sneezy NyQuil laden body to bed and make plans to sleep in and try to feel better tomorrow. Sick is not fun, even if it’s just a cold.


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