The Reality Closet

Okay, challenge from a book that I will quote here word for word when I get the book back.

Instead of writing about what happened today, write about the best thing that happened today. That would ensure much less melancholy and whining. So, what is the best thing that happened to me today? The first thing that comes to mind is when Andy and I were watching TV. I sat near the edge of the sofa and he stretched out and laid his head on a pillow in my lap. I scratched his back and put bobby pins in his hair, and it just reminded me of how much I love him and how much I will miss him when he leaves again. My baby boy, all grown up and a Special Forces Marine-to-be…though I can’t say I would be disappointed if he didn’t make it. He would be crazy disappointed, but for me it would mean he was coming home at last.

Two days off work, how delicious! Work tomorrow, then three days off. David has those three days planned out for me already, though. Sunday, day one, he wants to invite his old high school friends, Jack and Bill, over to meet me and have a meal and hang out. Monday, New Year’s Eve, he wanted to go shopping with Andy and out to eat. Tuesday, New Year’s Day, he wants to go back to his mom’s house, with me in tow, and see his sister on her birthday. Monday is also the day when I am going to spend most of the day helping my sister unpack her “pod” with all her furniture and stuff from Tennessee. She is putting it in storage until she decides that yes, she really does want to move to Omaha and be with Bob. At this point, I am the only one who knows this.

When you’ve already been married twice, both times with hideous outcomes, why would you want to do it again? What craziness drives women, in this day, to so desire to be with a man? I don’t understand it. I guess I am just different. I have a man that I really don’t want very much. Is there someone better out there? I really don’t think so. Mine is pretty good, except in the communication department, but that could describe 99% of the men out there. And I’m talking AFTER they put the ring on your finger. Pre-ring, they’ll chew on nails to communicate with you.

My goodness, do I sound crotchety, or what? I know I very easily think one thing on one day, and the total opposite on another day. It really, truly helps to write it down. If I can grab hold of what I am thinking about and put it down in words, it helps me see the truth of a matter. Then I am much freer to move on, having sorted that particular bit of information into a box labeled “reality,” stacked it in the closet, and shut the door.

Speaking of reality, I think it is time to go play the mmorpg that I have been hooked on for the past 4 years. Maybe tomorrow I will write about that.


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