You Can Choose Your Friends…

We had a huge ice storm today. Everything outside was covered with a layer of ice…grass, cars, steps. When you stepped outside, you heard a noise like crumbling aluminum foil…it was the wind blowing the ice-coated tree branches. Not enough ice to make the power lines go down, but enough to keep everyone home; a nice, peaceful Sunday.

David spent last night at his mom’s house. He came home this afternoon, saying the ice wasn’t bad until he got close to home. He was kind of depressed. Even though he had a nice time with his mom, he doesn’t think he’ll be going back very soon. His sister has been living with their mom for at least a year now. His sister’s daughter and her 5-year-old daughter have also been living there for the past two months. It depressed David because these people are all freeloading off of his mother.

They don’t help buy groceries, they don’t help with the mortgage, and they don’t help pay any bills or utilities. His sister has to have the internet so she can be on facebook, but won’t pay for it. This is the sister who just received a settlement from her old job for harassment, so there is money there.

Grandma is so generous, and loving, but there is a limit to her ability to care for all these people. Her daughter is now on disability and unable to work, so she is home all the time. If she wants to go somewhere, she takes Grandma’s car, even though she doesn’t have a driver’s license. The granddaughter works, and the great-granddughter goes to kindergarten, but the whole thing is wearing Grandma down. She is not in the best health, and she doesn’t have enough money to support all these freeloaders.

There is a lot more to the story, things that have happened in the past. For instance, the granddaughter went through a druggy phase a few years ago and stole a lot of things from all of us, especially Grandma since she would stay there for several days at a time. I would leave my purse locked in the trunk of my car when we went to visit and granddaughter was there.

I don’t know what the answer is. I’m so angry about how they are treating David’s mother. She is such a loving and generous person. She would give them what they want, then go into the bedroom and cry because they are taking everything she has. She could tell them to go, and maybe she should. But actually getting them out of her house would be almost impossible, especially the daughter. The daughter and her ex-boyfriend have lived in so many different places, broken so many leases and rules, owe so much money and alienated so many friends and family that they probably have nowhere else to go. I think they are mooching off Grandma because they are too lazy to apply for any programs the government might have for them.

I’ll be doing Grandma’s income taxes this year, again. I sure hope I can include at least her daughter as a dependent…it would only be fair. I won’t do the daughter’s taxes, though, because I don’t want to mess up anything to do with her settlement money. Besides, I don’t want to be stuck paying for her e-filing. I just don’t trust her to reimburse me.

These people know better, at least the daughter. I think it’s just that entitlement mentality that is sooooo prevalent in our society these days. People have been helping the granddaughter her whole life, and now she expects it. When Grandma didn’t give her any money a year or so ago when she asked, she got mad and wouldn’t talk to Grandma for several weeks. It was a nice respite, but it didn’t last, of course. When Grandma does give her money, there is never a thank you or a repayment of any kind.

The great-granddaughter is a handful, too. Her mother plops her in front of the TV, and Great-grandma is left to follow her around and tell her no, no, no. So frustrating.

If the situation continues, something is going to break. Grandma may lose her house. If she does, maybe it would be for the best. She can come live with us, and the freeloaders can finally be cut loose to fend for themselves.

I could live with that.


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