Daily Prompt: Think global, act local

Today the UK Guardian reported that North Korea “will carry out further rocket launches and a nuclear test that would target the United States, dramatically stepping up its threats against a country it called its ‘enemy’.”

Never mind that North Korea has been sanctioned by the UN against such actions, as a result of its first two missile tests in 2006 and 2009. Experts do not think their missiles would have the ability to reach the U.S. mainland, but Pyongyang has also threatened to attack South Korea if Seoul joins the current UN sanctions.

These are the actions of a rebellious and aggressive regime. North Korea cannot be ignored. Any hostility toward the United States or our allies in the Pacific would have to be countered. The U.S. Marine Corps will no doubt send the battalion that is currently deployed to Okinawa, which means my nephew, Michael, would likely be one of the first responders.

Michael is six months younger than my own son, Andy, who is also a Marine. Both young men have served seven months in Afghanistan. Andy would be finished with his four years of service this June, but he has accepted their offer to be trained in Special Ops. If they select him into the program when this first round of training is finished, he will serve for 5 more years.

Andy is pouring his heart and soul into his training. When the Albanians hijacked the Greek bus just two months ago, he said, “Mom, that’s what I want to do, that’s the kind of thing I want to be involved in.” If North Korea explodes into violence, I know the Marine Corps Special Operations Command would be right in the thick of things.

I have also had the privilege of meeting an amazing woman, the sister of my coworker, who is a commander in the Navy. The most recent news I have had of her is that she is commanding a flotilla of Navy supply vessels stationed near Japan. Their mission is just to be in place if they are needed.

One can argue whether or not the United States should be involved in conflicts overseas, but a direct threat has been made to our national security. These three heroes, and thousands like them, have committed themselves to protecting our borders and our Constitution. I think of them every day, and pray for their security, their success, and their safe homecoming.


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