Daily Prompt: Beach Retreat

My little plot of earth would be on the beach. It’s always warm there — here, we are expecting a blizzard tomorrow. I would build a little house, with an addition on the back that would be a studio. I would set up tables and lay out my watercolors and crafts stuff and never have to put them away.

Besides the studio, the house would have four rooms: a kitchen filled with tea and fresh vegetables, a bedroom with a fluffy cat on the bed, a guest bedroom, and a sitting room where I could sit and drink my tea and read my downloaded books (gone are the days when I need heavy-duty boxes to move my books from place to place.) Oh, I suppose I need a bathroom, too.

Since I am apparently independently wealthy, I would sell my art and my crafts on the Internet to make a little extra spending money and keep me occupied. I would check on the turtle eggs every day, play with the sand fleas, and watch for dolphins. Sometimes I would drive into the city.

Because what’s a great retreat without something to retreat from?


Photo from mylittlefloridabeachhouse.com


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Beach Retreat

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