Hot Tea and a Good Book

I am trying to give up soda pop, not just for Lent, but forever. Cold drinks are wonderful… I have never cared much for hot drinks, except for the occasional cup of hot cocoa. I much prefer my caffeine cold and with bubbles.

David and I drove into the city on the Saturday after Valentine’s Day, to have lunch and do a little shopping. He seems to have an aversion to celebrating anything on the actual day, but it’s okay. His sister gave him a gift card for Applebee’s for Christmas, so ever the romantic one, he took me out for a free lunch two days late to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We walked around the mall for a bit, and I noticed a new store called Teavana. A clerk was giving free samples, so since David seems to think I like hot drinks, he wanted me to take one. I have to say, it was the best tea I have ever had. It was an herbal tea, called Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom white tea. I told David it was very good, and he wanted me to buy some. $28 later, I walked out of the store with my tea and a happy husband who felt that he had gotten me something I would like. I actually like just smelling it even more than drinking it. It sits on the kitchen counter and I open it up every now and then just to smell it.

It was a fun trip, though he got tired not too long after that, so we came home a little early. I think it was fun mostly because I wasn’t expecting anything in particular. It was like any other day when we would drive to town and pick up something we needed to get. I was even prepared for him to wake up that day and say he didn’t really feel up to going.

Just thinking a little more about expectations, from the last post. Valentine’s Day can certainly trigger some interesting and crazy expectations. If you go out to a movie that you have been dying to see, it’s easier to criticize the things that didn’t live up to your expectations. If you go to the theater and just pick some movie you’ve never heard of, chances are that you will enjoy it because you had no expectations. It doesn’t disappoint you because you went in with an open mind and there is nothing to find fault with.

I can’t believe that expectations are totally bad, though. I expect my children to do what I ask them to do. If they don’t do it, I am disappointed, but since I know they need to become responsible adults, I do not lower my expectations of them when it is within their power to accomplish what I ask. I don’t expect my daughter to bring home As in math, but I expect her to do her best.

I have expectations of myself too, more than just the expectation that I will get the dishes done every day. I think they are called dreams. While we were at the mall, I also bought a book about how to open a store at That is a dream of mine, to make handmade cards and custom invitations to sell online. It’s a dream that I have started but haven’t really worked hard on. There is no Etsy store, not yet, and I am disappointing myself because I haven’t worked hard enough to make it happen.

Little goals or big goals, there is no goal at all without the word “expectation” thrown in there somewhere. When I have been disappointed before, I will just lower my expectations in that particular area to save myself from feeling angry and hurt. When I achieve a goal I will set a new bar, just a little bit higher. A lot of times, the things I accomplish are things that other people expect of me. That’s good, because they are things that need to be done and things that might not get done unless I had a cheering section. People tend to live up to what you expect of them, but you have to be careful, because if you expect too much, they will be frustrated and you will be disappointed.

I expect that I will be able to give up drinking pop, and with my daughters’ encouragement, I am succeeding. I never expected to like hot tea, and I am pleasantly surprised to find that it is wonderful. Maybe a few days after our anniversary we can go back to the city, eat lunch at McDonald’s, and get some more tea. Maybe.


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