Seeds of Obedience

Spring is so close…the birds are coming back to the feeder. I’m not sure where they went in January and February, but Jake the squirrel has more than made up for their absence.

Jake was back today, hanging from the deck railing by his little hind feet and reaching into the feeder to get the sunflower seeds. He is very methodical. Each seed goes into his mouth, some for storage and some for eating right now. I’d prefer to feed the birds over Jake, but I have to admit he is very agreeable in his seed preferences.

When the birds eat the sunflower seeds, they grab a seed and fling it to the ground. They go through more than a few before they find one that suits them. Kind of like my sister.

Today she texted me about changing the time for getting together for her birthday. You can read the backstory here, part one, and part two, if you want. The gist is that Bev did something that made Barb, my other sister, so mad that she won’t talk to any of us anymore.

Bev and I had a good chat, even though it was all texting. There’s just something about writing things down. You tend to say things you probably wouldn’t say in person, and I basically told her she needed to apologize to Barb.

After a little time, she was okay with that and understood what I was saying. She still feels like she was only trying to help, so she said, “I do know that I’ll think twice about helping people but it won’t stop me. That’s not what God would want.”

Now, basically I agree with her. We are told to help other people, but I think those other people need to ask for/appreciate your help, otherwise you are wasting your time. That sounds harsh, but look what happened. Bev thought she was helping Barb, Barb did not want help, and now there is resentment and mistrust. Barb has basically told all of us to “butt out.” She does not want or need any help from us, even if Bev thinks she does.

What bugs me the most, though, about what Bev said is that like the birds picking which seed they want to eat, Bev is also choosing which Biblical commands she will follow and ignoring the rest. We are commanded to love other people, and help them if we are able. But while Bev is following that one to the best of her ability, she has also chosen to move in with her boyfriend. That’s also something the Bible says not to do, and she is conveniently ignoring that directive.

Is it any wonder that lots of people don’t really trust Christians? We say one thing, and do another. We tell someone to do this, then we turn around and do that. Some Christians would never raise a gun to shoot anything, some radical militiamen call themselves Christians. Talk about confusing.

It’s a good thing Jesus told us to follow Him, instead of having us follow a human leader or any brand of clergy.  Jesus made things crystal clear, and left an amazing book of instructions. Just pick a seed out of the feeder, and whatever you get, eat it. Don’t waste it. Don’t toss it away and try for one you might like better. That seed you tossed aside might just grow into a sunflower, come spring.


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