It’s Not Really My Garden Anymore

It’s the last day of April, and the flowers in my garden have finally been coaxed out of hiding by three days in a row of beautiful, sunny weather. The weather finally coaxed me out of the house, too, and I began the task of cleaning and weeding, because the weeds were not to be deterred in the slightest by snow in April.

Last year, I didn’t plant anything new, not even a tomato plant. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was just missing my mom, who passed away in August of the year before. She was a Gardener with a capital G, tending her gardens for hours each day from frost to frost. She even came over to weed my garden, too, when she was done with hers and I had run out of time (or dedication) to weed my own.

IMG_0492[1]   IMG_0493IMG_0494   IMG_0498



Top to bottom, this is what I have blooming today! It inspired me to start cleaning out the garden and start planning a trip to the greenhouse: periwinkle, a crocus of some kind, Siberian squill, dwarf iris, pasque flower (very cute), and I discovered that my Oriental poppy had two babies over the winter (very happy!) A trip to the greenhouse, planting something new and taking care of it, is one way I can remember Mom, in her gardening shoes holding a trowel, even though I did not inherit her green thumb.

And the last thing, the thing I am most excited about, even more than the poppy — a deutzia.


My mom planted this in my front garden, in a place where I have been having a terrible time keeping anything alive. She even labeled it for me, the way she liked to do with the lid of a juice can and her labeling machine. It looks like it is doing well so far, and every time I look at it, and at the label, I think of her. She also left a gorgeous orchid in the front window of my dad’s house. He is no gardener, much preferring grass that he can just mow, but he has kept the orchid alive for nearly two years by watering it the way she did, with two ice cubes every other day. The orchid is totally content, blooming twice a year, and it makes me think that she is still with us, in her garden.

It’s a good thing Mom didn’t mind the snow either, because we are supposed to get flurries again this weekend…I miss her, and never more than during the spring.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not Really My Garden Anymore

  1. I was so touched by this. I don’t have green hands, mine are so hot the only plants that grow in my potted garden are the ones that will whether they were tended to or not (meaning they’ll do very well without me). I asked my mother to take care of my little garden just so she can get out of my sister’s where she lives and give everyone there and herself some breathing space. Lots of veggie plants and my other hardy greens are doing well now, thanks to her. She wants to grow orchids because my garden has the perfect factors for them.

    • Oh, growing orchids outside would be amazing! If your mother is a gardener I bet she is very grateful to have your garden to work in…gardeners have such a special talent. Enjoy those veggies. 🙂

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