The Good, The Bad, and the Inevitable

Three pretty cool things happened today and they have not a thing to do with each other.

Number one thing – today is my dad’s birthday. He is now 86 years young. He still lives in the house he built with Mom twenty years ago, with a big yard that he mows, birdfeeders that he fills every day, and neighbors that love him and look after him. My sister, Barb, and I took him out for lunch today to his new favorite restaurant where he always gets the same thing – a cup of the soup of the day, a cornmeal muffin on the side, and rice pudding with cinnamon for dessert. The special of the day was strawberry pie, so my sister bought him a whole pie for a gift.

Sunday I am going to pick him up early and drive three hours to visit my other sister, Bev, and her boyfriend. We’ll go out to lunch, and I’m sure Bev will want to show us around, because neither Dad nor I have been there to visit her before. Hopefully I’ll find something there to get him for his birthday, or else I will just make him some food, because he is content and already has everything he needs. I could get him some more birdseed, though…and a bottle of wine.

Number two thing, I had a day off of work. I did a little housework but mostly just relaxed. It’s a gorgeous day outside and the cats and I went out on the deck and I finished Dan Brown’s new book Inferno. Perks of working at a library…I was first on the list to read it. 🙂  It’s good, honestly I can’t say it was super-amazing, but it’s worth a read, and that’s all I’ll say because I don’t want to spoil anything.

Number three thing is that my eighteen-year-old daughter landed her first-ever job. After three years of cajoling, encouraging, and picking up applications to so many places, I took her down to the temp agency a couple days ago. They latched right on to her, and she kept all her appointments for interviews all on her own, with some big “atta girl!”s from me at home. Monday she will start working from 10 till 2 each day at Goodwill for a few weeks, unpacking boxes and hanging things on hangers. Starting small…trying to overcome her fear of doing something wrong and being fired on the first day. She’ll get it, and she is totally capable of great things.

Of course, some bad things happened this week as well. David went to see his mom again this weekend, and when he comes home maybe I can update the story of Missy…one of the bad things that happened this week. Another disappointing thing, one of our cars finally gave up the ghost, so instead of replacing it we are just going to do without it. Good things, bad things, all balance each other out and you do what you can.

That was kind of the moral to Inferno, too. Whatever comes your way, good or bad, you just do your best. Of course, the fate of the whole world doesn’t rest in my hands, as it does in Robert Langdon’s, but change is inevitable and I will do my best to make the right choices, whatever the circumstances.


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