Middle-Aged Passion


There is a new love in my life. Handmade books.

The thing I love the most is the paper… amazing colors and patterns and textures. In the photo, I am binding my first ever book. It’s just a simple blank book that I hope I will use as a sketchbook. The measurements for the needle holes are a little off, but not to stress, I think it turned out fine for a first try. If I were to do it again I would make it smaller, or thicker, one of the two. It’s really just a dry run for the three memory books I was asked to make for some retiring library board members.

Along with my new love came a weekend revelation…a name for my Etsy shop! Prairie Papercrafts. Finally — quick make the banner before I change my mind again. I dunno, I think it’s kind of cool. I wasn’t sure about just selling cards, because there are a million and a half Etsy shops that sell handmade cards. Now I know that I can make and sell blank books, too. I want to do custom invitations and things like that, because I bet that half the time people send cards it’s to invite someone to something, like a wedding, or a birthday party.

Maybe it’s just me, but the things in my life have to have a purpose or they just bother me. Knick-knacks drive me nuts. Even if I thought I could make a beautiful book, if there was nobody to buy it or use it, or if I knew I wouldn’t use it myself, it would just lay there and bother me, so I wouldn’t make it in the first place. I love to do computer graphics, but I need a real-life project. Tutorials bother the heck out of me — let me work on something with a purpose.

Am I getting myself in too deep? Hmm. I don’t think so. I don’t see a hundred people flocking to the shop on its first day and burying me with orders. In fact, probably it will start slowly enough that I’ll wonder why I ever thought it would work at all. But at least I’ll have an excuse to make stuff. 🙂

And the best thing that’s come out of all this bookmaking frenzy? I found three of my co-workers who like to make books, too. Who knew? I see Friday night crafting sessions with chocolate and chai looming in my future. What better way to spend lazy summer evenings than crafting with friends?

I see a lot of sketchbooks in my future… and I’m already planning my first clearance sale.


4 thoughts on “Middle-Aged Passion

  1. That is so cool! To discover a passion and pursue it with like-minded folk would count as one of the best joys in the world. When our school year ends, I’ll be working on a new project as well, pursuing a passion I’ve put off for too long.Ain’t life amazing? Have a great week! Mary

    • Amazing it is! You just never know what you will discover around the next corner. What is your new project? Sounds like something you are meant to do. 🙂

      • I think it is 🙂 I’m willing to do it for free and thinking about it, with all the ideas in my head, it’s just making me happy. Plus, like you, I had people asking me to do stuff like it for them. I think the time to get into it is now, or at least when our school year ends. The feeling is similar to when I first started blogging – I was scared at first but when it took off, I realised how painless it was and that I had nothing to worry about. Now look how fun it is and how my world has opened up. So the new “baby” is something like that…I hope that makes sense? Mary

      • It makes perfect sense, it’s exactly the way I feel…about my project and blogging too. 🙂 Please keep me posted if you need some encouragement! Those babies take lots of love and attention.

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