If I Weeded, It Would Look Even Nicer

We finally got a nice, sunny, warm day and I ventured out into the garden to see just how bad the weeds were. My plants didn’t seem to care a whole lot about the weeds, so I took some pictures of them just to inspire myself to get out there and at least keep the bindweed under control.

IMG_0626[1]  IMG_0621IMG_0627  IMG_0561   IMG_0614[2]IMG_0610


Top to  bottom, foxglove happily growing in the shade by the air conditioner, recently freed from a very friendly bindweed. Nora Barlow columbine. climbing rose, variety un-remembered, that gave me some pretty hefty scratches last week when I tried to get it to actually climb On The Trellis, please. Tree peony, carnival weigela, and in the last row, branches from my mock orange that is near the back door, nearly ten feet tall, smelling heavenly.

I have to say, being able to have all these wonderful things just outside my back door makes all the work worthwhile.


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