A Tardis in Disguise

Megan had an orthodontist appointment today, and I’m sure glad she has her driver’s license so she can drive herself there, even though it still makes me nervous. I like that television commercial for car insurance, where the dad looks over at his teenage daughter behind the wheel and sees her as a toddler. In her toddler voice, holding on to the steering wheel, she says, “It’s okay, Daddy.” Just hand over the keys.

I almost just sent Megan off to her appointment, then at the last minute I decided to go along. It’s not a big office, really it’s just a satellite clinic that’s open one day a week. There was a man sitting in one of the chairs as we came in the door, and he was looking right at me.

I decided to ignore him, and went to sit on the other side of the room, but he kept looking at me. I finally looked over and smiled, and he said, “Hi, how are you doing?” I wondered if I should know this person, and I thought he might be one of the new volunteers at the library. He started telling me about his trip to Germany, and I chatted with him. When Megan finished checking in and came to sit with me, he asked her how she was doing, too.

I am racking my brain, thinking that really, I should know this man. He looks familiar, he knows me, and he knows Megan. Then it hits me…this is the dad of Megan’s prom date, Alex. How could I not have recognized him? I am feeling pretty dumb at this point. I think I covered pretty well, though, and I will definitely not forget again…and I will try to remember what his first name is, next time.

His son came back into the waiting room, said hi to Megan, and they left. They had no sooner gotten out the door than I looked up to see another old friend, Stacy. (Last year, I ran into a good friend from high school sitting in one of those chairs. The orthodontist’s office, a Tardis in disguise.) Stacy and I gave each other a big smile and a hug.

I did remember Stacy’s name, yay me. I met her when we first moved here. She was a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up, which is like a tupperware party for rubber stamping. After a year or so, I became a demonstrator, too, and spent a lot of time with Stacy. She’s amazing, full of energy and ambition. Sadly, I am not, and I lost touch with her about three years ago when my stamina for doing parties died.

We sat and chatted for quite a while, about our kids, their school, and even Stampin’ Up. She ran out to her car at one point and brought me back a current catalog…which I promptly took home and devoured. I love this stuff, really. I never really made it as a demonstrator, though, because I am just not a good salesman. I hate trying to convince people to buy things.

I didn’t even tell Stacy that I was getting ready to open an Etsy store. It would have been good to tell her. I don’t know why I didn’t. She would have been happy for me, I’m sure.

All I know is that making the stuff will be easy for me. Keeping the books (hopefully there will be sales, and as such, bookkeeping to do) willl be okay, but the hard part for me will be promotion. I really want to do this, though, but I am nervous at the same time. There are so many “what if’s?” Part of me wants to tell everyone I know, and part of me wants to just wait and see what happens. Which will probably be nothing, if I wait too long.

But I’m almost ready…I have some books made, and some greeting cards, and I made a banner with a photo of a honeysuckle branch from my mom’s garden. That goes at the top of my web page, and I think I’m done messing with it.


Three books I finished over the weekend, with three more in the works. That’s enough blank books to start, even though they are all pretty much the same except for the covers. I want to do one more thing before I open, and that would be to make a wedding guest register. I have some white linen and ribbon for the cover, and I need to design and print off some inside pages. Then…I’ll go live, and also offer to do custom stuff like the wedding invitations and all the other miscellaneous wedding things that are made of paper.

The three books I’ve finished so far…

three books

inside cover   inside pages

with the inside front cover, and some of the pages. The first one is covered with a thick, crinkly paper, the middle one is just a really pretty printed paper, and the last one is a speckled linen finish paper that doesn’t show up very well in this photo. The binding on all three is linen fabric with organza ribbon. I think the term for this kind of binding is Japanese stab stitch…not difficult at all.

The cool thing is that I want to do this. 🙂 Part of me wants to tell the whole world, and part of me wants to just sit back and play “what if”  until I’ve talked myself out of it. I think it’s the whole idea of having people look at me, look at the things I’ve done, and most of the time they say “that’s beautiful.” Why does that embarass me? It should make me happy. Look at my stuff, but don’t look at me.

I may never stop being nervous whenever Megan takes off in the car. But I will get over being embarassed by myself, because that is just plain weird. I’m ready for an adventure.


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