Culinary Suicide

Am I the only one who dashes for the cookbook when I know that guests are coming for dinner? I can’t just make something I know how to make, I have to look for the most exotic thing I can find and hope it turns out okay.

When Joe came for dinner, I decided it would be nice to serve him some ethnic food from my heritage, since he had been so nice to bring David Egyptian and Greek food to try when they were working together. Online I go, searching for Danish recipes. I find recipes for food that would typically be served as a Christmas dinner…so I decided to go for it. Actually, the recipes didn’t turn out so bad, but I had forgotten that Scandinavian food is notoriously bland, at least to me.

I ended up with a Danish pot roast, oksesteg i flødesovs, different from mine due to the addition of heavy cream and red wine. Not such a bad dish, but the roast I bought was very fatty and not much fun to eat.

Caramelized potatoes – brunede kartofler – now there is a dish I could eat again, although I would add a hefty dose of salt. Easy, too…just put the sugar in a skillet and cook till it melts and turns brown. Add butter, then add the pre-cooked potatoes and stir for awhile till they are coated in the sweet goo. Yummy! Pre-cooking the potatoes, boiling the little mini-potatoes in their skins then peeling them, took absolutely forever, so I would think twice about making them again, even though they definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.


And last but not least, Danish red cabbage, rødkål. Definitely an acquired taste, like sweet and sour cabbage. But you can’t argue with the beautiful deep pink color you get from the red cabbage. And in small quantities, not so bad. (Not my photo, but mine looked quite a bit like this one from

Joe brought a frozen Mrs. Smith’s coconut pie to save the day, bless his Americanized heart, so we had a nice dinner together, and as I said before, his company and story were amazing. I packed up the leftovers and gave them to my Danish dad the next day. Dad loved every bite, he said, especially the potatoes. I must have gotten my sweet tooth from him.

The next foreign culinary disaster in the making? I want to try Italian arancini…little fried rice balls stuffed with whatever you want. Coming soon!


5 thoughts on “Culinary Suicide

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  2. Have you tried making lefse? Wait, do Danish people eat lefse like the Norwegians and Swedes do? ooohh What about one of those sandwich cakes? I’ve always wanted to try one of those, looks like a layered cake, but it’s really sandwich ingredients.

  3. I’ve never tried lefse, my German mom didn’t really cook the Danish food my grandmother did. I had a roommate once who was part Norwegian, and she would bring Norwegian kringla when she came back from home. I love kringla. Sandwich cake? Is that this?
    It sounds like a special holiday thing, and Dad’s 87th birthday is Saturday. I might just have to make one! Thanks 🙂

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