Springtime and Other New Beginnings


I wish I could bloggily share a gorgeous fragrance or the feeling of warm sunshine (finally!) on the top of my head. Spring is absolutely the best way to come out of a long and dreary and COLD winter. These crabapples are in my front yard. My neighbor has a gorgeous old-fashioned lilac that is in full bloom. My lilies-of-the-valley are blooming up a storm, my mock orange is getting ready to pop, and the cherry tree in the backyard is keeping up nicely. The Korean lilac under my kitchen window is a little slow, but that could be because of the severe haircut I gave it last fall. It’s coming back very nicely after losing nearly all of its branches…cut off because the ice we had the winter previously broke a lot of branches at the trunk and caused the rest to bend nearly to the ground.

That’s it. No whining today, it’s just too darn nice outside. And it’s also Friday. My dad’s 87th birthday is tomorrow, and though it involves cooking all morning and throwing a party for all his neighbors, it will be a good day. I have finished enough cards to open my online store. Not vast quantities of cards, but enough. And now that I have access to lilacs for a photo shoot of my first wedding invitation and assorted matching extras, I have no more excuses! Jimdo keeps sending me emails, and the latest one was entitled, “It’s Time To Open Up Shop.” Yes, yes it is.

Lots of new ideas for cards with flowers, handmade books with leaves and blossoms, and homemade paper made with dried rose petals. A new, springy attitude of yes, I can do this and it will be good. I’ll just go sit in the garden for awhile, with my laptop, and be inspired.


2 thoughts on “Springtime and Other New Beginnings

  1. Thank you, LW! I will definitely post here when I have it open, and there is also an option to blog on that website as well. I hope I can keep up! That’s what worries me the most.

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