Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

venice 2013 146


My take on Dialogue is a little more literal, if that is okay. Before our trip to Venice last year, I practiced enough words in Italian that I was able to enter this gorgeous Venetian shop, speak with the lady in the photo, and buy these earrings made from Murano glass. She spotted me as an English-speaker a mile away, but I think she thought I was being kind of cute for trying to speak Italian. I’m sure that as a shopkeeper in a city like Venice, she spoke at least a little English, but she proceeded to speak slowly in Italian and told me a little about Murano glass and where it came from. I actually understood most of what she said. And when it was time to say goodbye, she wished me a pleasant day and I was amazed to find that my automatic response was in Italian, too — I didn’t even have to think about translating it in my head. Aren’t those beautiful earrings? They are laying on the paper she wrapped them in; a tiny package I just tucked into my bag.



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