Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


I am always amazed that each day the world seems to shrink just a little more. This is a photo of my daughter and her new bff, Sae’dah, who came to our little town as a foreign exchange student from Palestine. They’re exchanging sweatshirts with our high school logo on the front and their last names on the back, only Sae’dah’s shirt has our last name, and Megan’s shirt has Sae’dah’s last name– that is exactly the way they wanted it. Now, a world apart again, they still keep in touch. Through Sae’dah’s posts on Facebook, I see a different side of the conflict that now rages in that part of the world. There is so much more to know and understand about the world than the machinations of religion and politics, and that is the humanity of all of its occupants and how much the same we all truly are.



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