A New Flavor of Morning Coffee

There are lots of things yet to happen, but I think David will have a new job in a few months.

We had a great visit with his former coworker at the new hospital, and she has openings posted for all of the lab positions. She’s the acting lab manager, being the one who has been there the longest, even though she only has a two-year degree, an MLT, instead of the four-year degree, the MT. It’s like the difference between an LPN and an RN. She is doing an amazing job nevertheless, but she is very busy and she only has three other people working with her, all brand new to the job. One of them is on her second 90-day probation.

She really needed David to come in and help her manage. She can’t formally take the lab manager job because of her degree, and she offered it to him. He is taking it slow, though, and told her he would think about that, but for now, he would come and help her out as a PRN. She was totally thrilled, and she even confessed to a few tears when he told her he would help out.

PRN, in hospital jargon, comes from the Latin phrase pro re nata, which means “as the situation demands.” It’s like being a substitute teacher. He can take a day or two off from his current job and go instead to the new lab. He thought that would be a good way to help them out, get a feel for the new hospital, and use up his vacation time that he thinks he would lose if he just gave notice. Being a PRN is pretty common, and until he makes a final decision his boss probably won’t have a problem with it.

So there’s nothing permanent settled yet, but tomorrow he’s going to drop off his PRN application. He’s thinking about what days he could work and what days they need him (pretty much whenever he’s available.) We don’t have to move, which means I can stay at my job.

David’s pretty excited about this, going to a place he can feel needed and appreciated. He’s also happy to make a little extra money, especially over the next few months while he works and takes vacation at the same time. He thinks we can pay extra on the mortgage, and have enough to take that trip to Korea to visit Megan next spring and bring her home with us.

I haven’t been blogging much because it seems there just wasn’t a lot to say, but there is, even on days I think are boring and normal. There’s a lot of new to look forward too!


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