Hello, How Are You?

I think it’s time to start blogging again.

But this time, it won’t be such a production. Just a little bit of a diary, maybe a photo. Memories of what happened, something someone said to me, chance encounters. And no more time spent editing, which is why, I think, I stopped in the first place.

Today at church the pastor talked about belonging to a community. His point, of course, is that the church should be a place where you feel you belong. Of course it is. But I think there are other places you can feel the same. Work, clubs, activities…I am blessed to have a job where I feel that my coworkers and I are more like sisters; best friends.

A long time ago, I had a friend named Eleanor. She was an elderly lady who loved her online friends back before Facebook even existed. I didn’t believe her when she said she had a lot of friends online she liked to communicate with. I was wary. “Be careful, Eleanor,” I told her, never believing for a moment that you could be friends with someone you didn’t know personally.

I know differently now. Not only can you keep in touch online with people you know and have met, but you can also meet new friends. Some of them become people with whom you feel you belong, and with whom you would miss if you stopped communicating. I can think of at least two people I met online that I have not Skyped with in a long time, and I miss them.

Today I made a new friend online, through an Italian/English conversation exchange. We spoke for about an hour, mostly in English because I was too insecure to try speaking Italian. Maybe I should check into more Benny Lewis. Anyway, I’m hopeful we will speak again soon, since he is a very nice person and he seems to want to help me improve my Italian. Ciao, Davide!

The world is a tiny place when you think about it. Borders are being crossed at a speed unthinkable even fifty years ago. Be wary, sure, but we need to try to embrace our differences and learn from each other.

We all belong to each other, and we are all more alike than we think.



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