This house came with a cherry tree — and it’s been so nice! Picking cherries is like working in the garden, it’s relaxing and when you’re done, you feel like you actually accomplished something. The haul. Could have been more if I’d gotten out a ladder, but this is enough for now. Mostly because they […]


Joe came over for dinner last night. I had never even met him before, but we had a great time and I really didn’t want  him to go. Joe is from Egypt, and he works for a “rent-a-tech” company that assigned him to our little community hospital to work as a medical technologist for three […]

Tiny Bubbles

I’m glad I was working at the circulation desk this afternoon when Russell came in. Russell is a gentle grandpa who has read every fiction book about naval warfare that we have, from Patrick O’Brian to C. S. Forester. We ordered books from other libraries for him. He made an occasional foray into Bernard Cornwell, […]