Silla Kings and Korean Barbeque

Yangdong Traditional Village We’re home now, but I wanted to keep blogging about our trip. At dinner on Wednesday evening with Megan’s host family, her father asked me what kinds of things I wanted to see in Korea. I remain fascinated how a country that is smaller than Iowa could feed a population sixteen times bigger. I […]

Things Happen for a Reason

One night you go to bed, thinking everything is the same, and the next morning you wake up not realizing that life might flip you on your head today. During Sunday school last week, we talked about how life can turn on a dime, take you places you never expected to go or even to […]

My Online Shop is Open!

After six months of procrastination and playing the “what if?” game with myself, I finally opened my online card shop today! Pinwheel Papercrafts is open for business. I went around and around thinking what to do and how to do it. I thought about Etsy, but I have heard horror stories from small sellers about being […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

More photos from our trip to Italy. Coming from a place where there is no ocean, I was fascinated by all the water and how people got around without rubber tires on asphalt. Spotted on the move in the Venetian lagoon: One of many yachts docked near Piazza San Marco. An Italian fisherman takes no […]


Joe came over for dinner last night. I had never even met him before, but we had a great time and I really didn’t want  him to go. Joe is from Egypt, and he works for a “rent-a-tech” company that assigned him to our little community hospital to work as a medical technologist for three […]