Birthday Soup

Our first day in Korea dawned sunny and warm, perfect weather! We ventured out in search of breakfast, following behind my youngest daughter like a string of ducklings.  We headed off toward the beach, and it became lunchtime before we knew it. Still determined to find us a bakery, Megan brought us to a beautiful […]

Tiny Bubbles

I’m glad I was working at the circulation desk this afternoon when Russell came in. Russell is a gentle grandpa who has read every fiction book about naval warfare that we have, from Patrick O’Brian to C. S. Forester. We ordered books from other libraries for him. He made an occasional foray into Bernard Cornwell, […]

A Tardis in Disguise

Megan had an orthodontist appointment today, and I’m sure glad she has her driver’s license so she can drive herself there, even though it still makes me nervous. I like that television commercial for car insurance, where the dad looks over at his teenage daughter behind the wheel and sees her as a toddler. In […]