Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Atmospheric perspective is so much less precise than the kind you draw with an ink pen and a horizon line. I like the moodiness and peacefulness of a photo with atmospheric perspective, where the atmosphere itself creates the depth. The first photo is near Argostoli, Greece, and the second is taken from the top of the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Here’s another photo from our trip to Venice and Greece…where I found myself taking scads of pictures of windows and doors for some odd reason. This is one of my favorites, taken from the top of the New Fortress in Corfu, looking out over the fortress and into the city. You can’t even tell that […]

Day Eight: Argostoli

Cephalonia is one of the largest Greek islands, situated off the western coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea. Argostoli is its capital. It’s a beautiful seaside town, with tree-lined streets filled with shops selling everything from gardening supplies to video games. It doesn’t give you that feeling that poverty lurks around the next corner; […]