One Box at a Time

Another day in the deep freeze…it is so cold this year, and it started in mid-December. There have been a few days it hasn’t even made it above zero, and we’ve spend quite a few nights with bone-chilling cold. The coldest winter in thirty years, I hear. With weather this cold, there are some things […]

Tiny Bubbles

I’m glad I was working at the circulation desk this afternoon when Russell came in. Russell is a gentle grandpa who has read every fiction book about naval warfare that we have, from Patrick O’Brian to C. S. Forester. We ordered books from other libraries for him. He made an occasional foray into Bernard Cornwell, […]

Flight of the Fledglings

I’ve been having a great time these past few days watching a mother sparrow teaching her fledglings about free food at our bird feeder. In this rather fuzzy photo, the mother is in the front. She’ll take a seed out of the sock feeder and put it in the youngster’s mouth. Since she is still […]

Don’t Look Down

Even though I spent most of yesterday snuffling back tears, I managed to have an enjoyable time with my sister and family when we took her out to eat for her birthday. She is living with her boyfriend now, however unofficially, so we don’t see her much these days. She’ll be back after Easter, though, […]

Seeds of Obedience

Spring is so close…the birds are coming back to the feeder. I’m not sure where they went in January and February, but Jake the squirrel has more than made up for their absence. Jake was back today, hanging from the deck railing by his little hind feet and reaching into the feeder to get the […]