Tiny Bubbles

I’m glad I was working at the circulation desk this afternoon when Russell came in. Russell is a gentle grandpa who has read every fiction book about naval warfare that we have, from Patrick O’Brian to C. S. Forester. We ordered books from other libraries for him. He made an occasional foray into Bernard Cornwell, […]

Cherish Is the Word

When Andy was seventeen, he announced that he had decided to join the Marine Corps. I cried for three days. I pictured him just as he pictured himself in the video games he played, jumping across rooftops and through abandoned buildings, shooting anything that moved. “College, sweetheart?” I asked in vain. I know, though, he […]

Unique Is Good

Sitting here watching old reruns of The Newhart Show. I do remember this show from prime time, and it was a hoot. It still is. It looks so much like real life, but it’s exaggerated and condensed to keep you laughing. If people really behaved this way in real life, it would be enough to […]