Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

My take on Dialogue is a little more literal, if that is okay. Before our trip to Venice last year, I practiced enough words in Italian that I was able to enter this gorgeous Venetian shop, speak with the lady in the photo, and buy these earrings made from Murano glass. She spotted me as […]

Springtime and Other New Beginnings

I wish I could bloggily share a gorgeous fragrance or the feeling of warm sunshine (finally!) on the top of my head. Spring is absolutely the best way to come out of a long and dreary and COLD winter. These crabapples are in my front yard. My neighbor has a gorgeous old-fashioned lilac that is […]

A Tardis in Disguise

Megan had an orthodontist appointment today, and I’m sure glad she has her driver’s license so she can drive herself there, even though it still makes me nervous. I like that television commercial for car insurance, where the dad looks over at his teenage daughter behind the wheel and sees her as a toddler. In […]